Best way to get Rangoli stamp in Google Pay : Get 100% Collect Rangoli Stamps
Google pay Rangoli stamp


1. Unique transaction

In distinctive group action the various form of group action is accessible however Google support team aforesaid that if you paid cash in distinctive place then your likelihood to induce Rangoli is ninety fifth. thus attempt to paid distinctive group action in Google pay.
  • Add Money On Amazon
    You can add cash on Amazon pay balance to induce Rangoli as a result of the Amazon pay balance is a smaller amount used service then paytm add cash. Then you just add cash on Amazon pay balance to induce nice likelihood to induce Rangoli.
  • Add Cash On Many Totally Different App
    Adding cash on totally different app like several game or different service app then you get Rangoli. attempt to paid cash on game like no others paid on there platform.
  • Shop from Google pay UPI
    If you look any issue from google pay upi then you've got one hundred share likelihood of get Rangoli as a result of once you paid cash victimization Google pay upi on merchandiser plate form your likelihood is to induce flower or Rangoli stamp.

2. Scan and Pay
Scan and pay choices square measure accessible at any store thus if you group action is beyond fifty on merchandiser then you likelihood to induce stamp. So attempt to pay at near look with Google pay qr code or the other code to induce Rangoli stamp.

3. Scan The Lighted Diya
Yes you listen right you furthermore mIght able to get Rangoli stamp from scan a lighted diya. however during this choice the prospect to induce Rangoli is incredibly low. it's no guarantee to induce Rangoli.

4. Request The Rangoli Stamp
If you request rangoli stamp from different google pay user than you furthermore mIght able to generate rangoli stamp from request technique, this technique is incredibly simple to gather rangoli while not doing any group action. thus attempt to try this trick to achieve rangoli stamp. i am undecided than you may get rangoli however it's clear than your likelihood to induce rangoli is additionally enlarged from this technique.

5. Participate In Rangoli Bonanza
The Google pay launched new thanks to earn Rangoli from google pay. during this approach it introduces that, the competition is open for Rangoli for special range of google pay user. you'll participate during this competition from diya icon in gpay. And complete the task given in pay and eventually you may get Rangoli stamp.

How To Rangoli Bonanza 5 Round (Time Table)

  • (12 AM) Get 100 Rangoli StampHappy Hour
  • (11 AM) Get 1000 Rangoli StampEarly Bird Prize
  • (1 PM) Get 1000 Rangoli StampHungry Kiya?
  • (5 PM) Get 1000 Rangoli StampChai Pakoda?
  • (8 PM) Get 1000 Rangoli StampTime To Disco!