There are a few things you should know before creating a website or blog. Most people want to make their own jump website but they do not know for whom and for whom they want to make a website. That's why most blogger's blogs in India fail.

The new blogger writes all the things on his blog such as recent events, news or new information, no one remains stable in the subject and in the end is unable to attract new users to his website and finally his blog The visitors keep decreasing. Therefore, you should know a few things before making your blog.

If you want to make your website, then firstly you should know :

  • What is the main purpose of creating a website?
  • In which subject do you want to create a website?
  • Who should meet on your website?

What is the main purpose of creating a website?

Before creating any website, you should know what you want to create a website for, what is the main purpose of creating a website? Anyone can create a website such as providing online information, wishing money, creating groups and talks, writing your review and so on. Knowing for the website, you will know its scope.

In which subject do you want to create a website?

In which subject you want to publish a website, you should know, such as marketing, technology, giving mobile phone reviews, recipes for cooking, finance and writing articles in your favorite subject. It should not be that you write different articles in every subject. This confuses the user that the website is of which subject and he will not visit the website again. Therefore, you should write your articles in a subject so that the user knows what the website is about.
As it is to provide and help related information of blogging website, there will not be any recipes related to the recipe or finance of the dish. In the same way, you have to decide the topic of your website.

Who will meet on your website?

The success of any website is on the number of its regular visitors. You should know for whom you want to create a website such as a blog for commerce and science student and teacher, website for CA-CS-CWA, or website for women.

Why will the user visit your website? 

You should know this information. Just like you provide such service or write an article that no one else writes.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind, you can attract maximum permanent visitors and increase the revenue of your website. Thank you of maintain looking and touring WeekHunt, Connect our Social Media for brand new updates. If you have any question, Please leave a comment below!