Roovet is marking its interest in cloud storage after 7 years of the company focusing on internet-based services. It's important that they offer file storage 

Tony James Nelson II in South Beach, Florida 

Tony James Nelson II in South Beach, Florida

Roovet as an internet-based company has always focused on services that will be a better solution to their users and customers. After speaking to Tony James Nelson II founder and CEO of the company we have gotten a better idea of where the company will like to focus their attention for the upcoming 8th year in business and what we can expect in 2021 from Roovet Corporation. So Mr. Nelson in a conference held at Roovet Local & International Corporation located in Jacksonville, Florida, stated that it was important that the company does not fall behind in the cloud storage industry. As we already know Apple has iCloud as its storage solution, Google has Google Drive, Samsung has Samsung Cloud, and Microsoft has one drive. So every company in the same or similar filed as us has its own storage solution but us. So we thought it we the correct time to go in that direction, He stated.

He wouldn't release too much information but he did allow us to demo the new cloud. So it’s not like the other clouds in any way the way Roovet's Cloud will work is completely different, it is more like a hub than a cloud. So it’s free to everyone and you get 25GB of storage without any charges at all, the features are incredible after you sign up. The first thing we notice is you will have your own office suite where you can create your own documents very similar to Microsoft Office, The next thing that we notice is you can connect unlimited emails to your account kind of like you will do on your smartphone.

This storage platform is very remarkable in features, we even notice a feature called Talk which allows you to meet via video and text chat with other users on the platform it reminded me of skype. and also a feature that no other storage solutions are currently allowing at the time. Users are not charged by feature but only by storage. There is an option where users are able to track their phone also in the unfortunate case that they might just misplace it or it may be stolen. This platform also allows users to create circles, if you’re familiar with the old social platform by Google (Google Plus) then you will know how this works. If not then the way it works is when you add the contact you will put them in circles like personal, family or work, etc. And it makes it easier to find the contact you looking for and also share things with one another.

We cannot list all the features included in this new platform, as we stated earlier we only got a demo of what's to come but if you were wondering we can say yes it does come with a calendar to list your upcoming appointments, But that's all we are able to share with you at this time. Tony James Nelson II plans on releasing this new cloud-based software to the public on December 3rd, 2020. Mr. Nelson has been running the business for 9 years since the early age of 24 years old, and dedicated 7 of the 9 years to Roovet Corporation has the most successful company. We asked about any other projects coming in the future and he stated plans on making a moving company based software. Software that will be used by moving companies to schedule moving jobs and much more all based around the moving industry. It’s a well-known fact that Roovet has an interest in the moving industry being the fact that the company owns Jacksonville Elite Movers and Southeast Elite Movers.

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