There is one girl, Swati Goyal (or Angel Rai), who posts a 10-second video or one of her picture on her Facebook page, and within minutes she would get dozens of shares, hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

Today morning, she posted this good morning message and you can see the response in just one hour.

She appears to have no special talent, except for her beauty.

If she would have been ordinary-looking, or ugly, people would not have liked her posts so much.

If you are beautiful, you get a natural advantage in this world.

She may perhaps get some offer a movie or a TV serial and become a celebrity.

She may also get a good husband soon and live a life of comfort for the rest of her life.

Time changes, old ideologies are replaced by new ones, governments change, nations rise and fall, but the power of beauty never changes.

However educated and rational people may become, they will never be able to escape the power of beauty.

It is always advantageous to be beautiful and this is never going to change.