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Mark Harvey asked 5 months ago

There is no way to find out what deadline options are available. To pay me to do your research, you must reach out and tell me what you need. They will review it and let you know if they can meet your deadline. It was not something I liked.
The work I did
This was the worst part of my review on pay me to do my homework. According to the woman in the video, they only accept writers with a bachelor’s degree. This was disappointing for me. Most companies that I have reviewed are at least Masters-holding writers. Even so, I gave reviews a test run.
Although the work they provided was good in English, it wasn’t as good as others. For a page of homework, I paid $30. This price was never before. There were some mistakes in the content and it needed to be edited extensively.
Final Review
I must say, I didn’t have a good feeling about at the start, and they just confirmed my doubts. Although this isn’t a scam service, they are too costly for students to afford. My experience shows that even if you have the money, it is not worth it.
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