Who is Respekt Ova?

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Respekt Ova

Aaron L. Goodman (conceived October 28, 1983), better known by his stage name Respekt Ova Your Artificial Love, is an American rapper and musician. Starting his vocation in 1999, Respekt Ova has had the option to acquire overall fame, all gratitude to his melodic ability and Roovet Sound, to dispatch his music on a greater and better stage.

Aaron Lee Goodman utilized the stage name Respekt Ova or ROY-AL, which means ‘Respekt Ova Your Artificial Love’.

Respekt Ova has dispatched practically each of his melodies on Roovet Sound. With his unfathomable abilities and ability, Respect Ova acquired achievement and fame at a beginning phase throughout everyday life. Further, between 2012 – 2015, he dispatched four Mixtape collections. They were, Bury Me substitute (2012), Soulful of Deuce in 2012, Katch 22 of every 2013, and 1N in 2015. His latest delivery, Real Kingz Don’t Die, acquired ubiquity rapidly and was cherished around the world. Also, the expression “Neez was advocated by, as a matter of fact, Respeckt Ova.

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